When Lightening Fried the Yarn 
The Tale of How We Began

The South Potomac Arts League (SoPAL) was born from the idea that most artists are not professionals, but most people enjoy art. The original founder, Martiel Traczyk Beatty wanted nothing more than to create an organization like this - outgoing, impetuous, and ready to launch a dynamic community based group for artists of all talents, she solicited help from a group of community artists and partners to form what is now the Founding Inaugural Artists. Thus, SoPAL was born.

Together, their goals are simple - inspiration comes from many places and art, no matter the media, is about taking something inspirational and giving it to the world. While most artists are not professionals, many aspire to live their dream of creating and sharing their art. Some even dream of selling their artistic expressions. SoPAL will be a place to help nurture these artists and their dreams while also providing opportunities to exhibit and promote each artist's work in our community while also providing workshops and other fun learning events for the art enthusiast. Each artist is his/her own creative genius -  we welcome any and all talents to this group and look forward to growing with you.

Activities, Events & Other Stuff

As we continue to grow into a mosaic composed of many talents and media, it is important that each member be provided the support for creative growth. Our hope is that artists will stretch their creative muscles through community and organizational support, activities, workshops and other events. The outcome will be a beautiful mix of artists who work to encourage each other to be the best at what they do. 

Since SoPAL is still forming, we are still working the kinks out on exactly what we will be offering. However, below you will find a short list of activities and events our members have shared they would like have.
  • How-to Workshops on everything from applique to z
  • An Annual Art Show in our community
  • Networking meetings
  • Fair and Show field trips
  • Inspirational Excursions around the area
You'll be able to read more in depth about each type of event or category as items are added to the list. For currently listed activities and events, please visit the Events & Activities page.