Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Thursday Post 726

During the last week we have had some exciting developments. We have had a vote on out tag line, designed our business card and flyer, and confirmed our next meeting location. Plus we have some new members!

The Thursday Post, Issue 726

  • Our MeetUp page will be closing down in the next couple of days. A final message has been sent to all members currently registered on the SoPAL MeetUp site. We'd like to encourage you to connect with anyone you may know and remind them we would love to have them come over to our current site and become members. 
  • Our next member meeting is Thursday, August 16th, 2012 at 2pm. It will be held in the meeting room at the South County Library in Deale, MD. Please RSVP for the event HERE - we'd love to have you!
  • You may have noticed that a ballot for the SoPAL Tag line was distributed this week. Thank you to everyone who voted, it was a close race, but in the end we had a clear winner. Our tag line for SoPAL will be 

A place where everyone can be an artist!

  •  We also have lovely business cards - if you are having an event, going to a show, or would like some to pass around, please contact me, Martiel, and I can provide you with some. 

Front & Back
  • Furthermore on the note of printed media, we have also designed a general community recruitment flyer. Please help us spread the word about our organization and post these on public, community bulletin boards in libraries, grocery stores, colleges and other area near where you live. The more we get out, the more programs we art ultimately going to be able to offer. We will have these available at every meeting and will be attaching them to update emails to members. If you would like another copy or would like one before you get one by email, please contact me, Martiel and I'll send it out to asap.
  • Last, but not least, please welcome our newest member, Holly Mitchell to SoPAL.

That about wraps things up for today, have a artfully pleasant week and we'll talk soon!

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